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Mother and Daughter Love

Our groups are facilitated by two of our caring neurodiverse parenting specialists so that you will have a safe place to talk, learn, heal and grow.  

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Parenting Support Group for

 Parents, Raising a Child who is Neurodiverse.

Parenting Support Group


Weekly for 8 sessions.

$40 per session

Max 8 Participants

Start Date:


Join our compassionate team of facilitators Adrienne and Anne, who are dedicated to supporting parents raising neurodiverse children. We offer a safe and understanding space where you can share your experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Through group discussions, activities, and educational information, we offer valuable resources and guidance on navigating the unique journey of parenting a neurodiverse child. Our goal is to empower parents with the knowledge and tools they need to support their children's development and well-being.


Whether you're seeking support for managing behavior challenges, accessing educational support, or simply looking for a supportive community, our group is here for you. Join us to connect with other parents, share your story, and receive the support you deserve on this journey.

Adrienne has a wealth of experience in facilitating support groups and working with parents raising neurodiverse children. Her experience includes providing emotional support, psychoeducation, and offering guidance on navigating the unique challenges that come with raising neurodiverse children. Adrienne's experience allows her to empathize deeply with parents, understand their concerns, and provide valuable insights and strategies to help them navigate their journey effectively.


Our 8-week program is designed to provide you with a  supportive group environment, where you will learn and gain insight into: 


  • Navigating Grief as a Neurodiverse Parent and embracing the child you have

  • Identifying what has worked and what hasn’t in parenting your child

  • Strategies for managing emotional dysregulation within you and  your child

  • Navigating sibling needs and regulation for you and your family

  • Coping with the social challenges that your child faces

  • Parent-burnout prevention & recovery and finding/building your support team

  • Advocating for your child

  • What I can and cannot control

  • Gain support from other parents on a similar journey



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