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Autism and You

We want to talk to you about something that is very important and close to your heart. You may have heard the word "autism" before, and we want to explain what it means for you.

Autism is a special way that some people's brains work. It is not a sickness, and it is not something you can catch like a cold. It is just a part of who you are. People with autism think and process information in unique ways. This can sometimes make it harder for you to communicate with others and understand the world around you. But it also gives you special talents and abilities that make you who you are.

You are special and loved just the way you are.

Here are some ways that autism might affect you:

Communication: You may have trouble understanding what other people are saying or expressing your own thoughts. You may also have trouble making friends because of this.

Sensory Processing: You may be sensitive to certain sights, sounds, or textures, which can make everyday experiences overwhelming.

Routines and Repetition: You may feel comforted by sticking to familiar routines and repeating certain actions or phrases.

Everyone with autism is different, and these are just a few examples. But the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. There are many other children and adults with autism who are just like you.

Thriving with Autism


Here are some ways that you can make your life easier and more enjoyable:

  1. Find your interests: Everyone has things that they love to do. It could be playing with toys, drawing, or listening to music. Find what you enjoy and focus on those things.

  2. Make friends: Having friends can make you feel less alone and more comfortable in the world. You can make friends by finding people who have similar interests or by joining a club or group.

  3. Use your words: If you are having trouble expressing yourself, try using words or pictures to help. You can also talk to a teacher or therapist who can help you find ways to communicate.

  4. Take breaks: If you are feeling overwhelmed, it is okay to take a break. Find a quiet place where you can calm down and regroup.

  5. Embrace your differences: Your autism makes you who you are. Embrace your unique talents and abilities and don't be afraid to show them off to the world.

Final Words

You are a special and amazing person, and your family is lucky to have you in their lives. We are here to support you and help you in any way that we can. If you have any questions or just need someone to talk to, we are here for you.

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