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🚀 Feeling Overwhelmed? Join Our Neurodiverse Parenting Support Group!🌟

Picture This:

It's time to leave the house and your neurodivergent child is experiencing big emotions over a seemingly small detail.

You’re caught between calming your child and keeping to your schedule. The stress builds as minutes tick by, and you feel the pressure of the day's demands upon you.


Strategies to navigate these moments never seem tailored to fit your child's specific needs, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and at a loss of how to handle this situation in a way that you can feel good about. 

Sound familiar?  

Many parents of autistic/ADHD children face similar challenges and feelings.

And now you have a chance to join with others who are on a similar journey.

Introducing Our Neurodiverse Parenting Support Group 🤝

As parents, we are constantly multitasking, juggling different roles, and shifting gears.

If you’re a parent of an autistic or ADHD child, you don’t have to navigate this journey alone.

Here at the Parenting Autism Therapy Center, we offer a support group that provides a sense of community and understanding that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

Hello! We are Adrienne Vincenti and Anne Hoglund, two of the caring team members here at the center. As fellow parents actively raising our neurodiverse children, we understand the unique challenges and joys that come with it. We will make sure you have a safe place to talk, learn, heal, and grow.

 Our group will be a place to join with others in similar situations to find connection, share your experiences, and learn new tools and strategies to help you better support your child and yourself.

Location: Online Via Zoom

Cost: $60/session for a 6-week series

(Scholarships may be available)

Day/Time: Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST

Session 1: Navigating Grief and Embracing Your Child

In our first session, we will focus on adjusting to a new diagnosis and the feelings that come with it.


Parents often experience grief and a range of emotions when their child is diagnosed as neurodivergent.


We’ll discuss how to work towards acceptance and embrace the unique journey of parenting an autistic or ADHD child.


Session 2: Advocating for Your Child Within the School System 

Advocacy is crucial in ensuring your child receives the support they need.


This session will cover knowing your child’s rights, building positive relationships with teachers and administrators, and communicating effectively.


We’ll also provide tips on staying informed, being prepared, and remaining persistent in advocating for your child’s needs.


Session 3: Anxiety, Fear, and Isolation 

Anxiety and fear about the future are common among parents of neurodiverse children.


In this session, we’ll explore allowing the situation to be what it is, instead of what you think it should be.


We’ll discuss accepting the unknown and learning to enjoy the present without anxious dependence on the future.


Session 4: Coping with Social Challenges

Social challenges can be tough for autistic and ADHD children.


We’ll identify common social interaction difficulties and discuss how to find supportive people for your child.


This session will also cover effective communication, as well as teaching emotions, social skills, and coping strategies to your child.


Session 5: Managing Emotional Dysregulation 

Emotional dysregulation is a significant challenge for both children and parents.


In this session, we’ll identify triggers, develop emotional awareness, and practice mindfulness.


We’ll also teach coping strategies, emotion regulation techniques, and the use of visual aids to help manage emotions.


Patience is key, and we’ll discuss ways to cultivate it.


Session 6: Preventing and Recovering from Parent Burnout

Our final session focuses on you.


Preventing and recovering from burnout is essential to being the best parent you can be.


We’ll discuss what self-care looks like to you and how to find your people—building a support network and community that understands and supports your journey.

You’re doing an amazing job navigating the ups and downs of raising a neurodiverse child.

Celebrate the victories, no matter how small, and be gentle and compassionate with yourself in the more challenging times.


And remember: you are not alone on this journey.


Sign up for the Parenting Autism Therapy Center support group and start getting the support you need.



With heartfelt best wishes,

Adrienne Vincenti & Anne Hoglund

Parent Group Co-Facilitators


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